Need for Gas purification panel in Gas Chromatography has been realised now beyond any doubts both for the column & the detector. Pure gas is of utmost importance in terms of efficiency & life of the column, as well as detector sensitivity, accuracy & reproducibility of the results. It is therefore recommended that the selection of the system is done judiciously, considering all the physical & chemical properties offered by the system. Thus, one has to consider the genuinity of the materials used in the fabrication of the system, such as

1. Tubing material, which has to be S.S. only,

2. Treatment given to the gas lining for thorough cleaning,
3. Type of fittings used for the working pressure range,
4. Material of construction to withstand the operating pressure,
5. Quality of the chemicals used for gas purification in terms of their physical & chemical properties.


  • Deliver Ultra High Pure (UHP) Grade Gas
  • Compact Design, Wall Mounted, Powder Coated
  • Filters are easily detachable
  • Suitable for 10kg/cm² inlet pressure & 7 kg/cm² outlet pressure
  • Panel for LC-MS-MS & other applications are also available.