AKI GSB are specially designed to collect and store high pressure gas samples from the field & transport the same to laboratories. Procured from well established manufacturers, these are made to undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure high performance. We manufacture quality gas sampling bottles. The product & the Quality has received acceptance from most of the leading industrial establishments, Top level Research Originations, Laboratories, Refineries, mines, chemical Industries, Fertilizer, pharmaceutical Enterprises.


  • Used to store gas sample
  • Available in different sizes and specifications
  • Effective corrosion resistance
  • Ensure maximum integrity
  • Deluxe Gas Sampling Bottles are manufactured in S.S. 316
  • Construction Each bottle is tested to hydraulic test pressure of 250 bar.
  • Suitable for working pressure of 150 bar


Generally GSB have ¼” FEMALE NPT connection on both the side. Needle valve having ¼” MALE NPT connection is connected for a successful connection. We also change the connection end according to customer user.

Model no

  • AKI-GSB – 75ml – 01
  • AKI-GSB – 100ml – 02
  • AKI-GSB – 500ml – 03
  • AKI-GSB – 1000ml – 04
  • AKI-GSB – 2000ml – 05