For high pressure as well as vacuum and other critical applications, the plant designers have no other alternative but to use a most reliable, safe and leakproof pipe connection.
AK Industries proven design of its products in the fields of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Instrumentation assures you of maximum reliability and years of trouble free service under adverse conditions and rigorous operating environment.

AK Industries design and manufacture the fitnest fittings. These fittings are compatible in dimensions to most of the reputed international makes, so designed that interchangeability is possible. The A.K.I double ring connection is a high safety device operating by compression. It avoids threading, soldering, swaging or crimping the tube & permits repaid, easy and reliable connections where dismantleable tubes require perfect tightness, both under pressure and high vaccum levels as well as under severe temprature and vibration conditions.


  • Easy assembly and provides leakproof torque free seal at tubing connections.
  • Complete interchangeability in the field.
  • Vibration and pressure pulses resistant.
  • Special thread cuts and nuts silver plating ensures no galling.
  • Low assembly torque, no torque transmitted to tubing.
  • Higher rated fittings upto 10000 psi optional.


Constructed out of barstock material in stainless Steel as per ASTM A276 TP 304 And TP 316 construction in other alloys, carbon steel and brass optional .The Fittings are designed for tube sizes: 1/16″ to 1″ & 4 MM to 25 MM, outside diameter, stud sizes are 1/8″ to 1″Npt, API, ISO, Parallel and ISO Taper.


Fittings the most ideal for eliminating costly and hazardous leaks in Instrumentation, Onshore and Offshore, Chemical, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Process Tubing.

Suitable for use in corrosive atmosphere, high temperature, ultra clean and vacuum applications.