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With the advent of automation and the ensuing innovative know-how, smooth control of all process functions is becoming more and more complex and dynamic. For the optimum efficiency of large Petrochemicals, Fertilizers,   Refineries, Power station, Gas Chromatography and other complex, designers have no alternative but to look for equipment quality-Technical support-field service and a supplier who could blend all this concepts in to every installation.

A.K. Industries is such a company which was set up in 1990 to cater to the pressing needs of modern industries, equipped with a modern sophisticated plant, tools, machinery, and most importantly highly skilled human resource to develop versatile, range of process Control devices, Used in instrumentation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic applications

A.K.Industries is leading manufacturer of INSTRUMENTATION TUBE FITTINGS, VALVES, PRESSURE GAUGES, THERMOCOUPLES, ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS & ACCESSORIES. We have been crafting since 1990 with great experience and automation. With the increase in demand of quality and quantity AKI implanted automac machines to meet the growing demands. Our products have been competitive in international market also. Our products are equivalent to the big brand name like Swagelok fittings. With increase in demand, we have automatic production in order to reduce the delivery time.

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